What you Need to Start a Blog

Blogging not only allows you to communicate to other people but you can also meet new people as well as make some cash. Starting a blog is not complicated but you need to be keen to do it right. This said, the following guide will help you start your blog. Get web hosting With a number of web hosting options available, you need to be very specific depending on the level of convenience and efficiency you are looking for. It is recommended that you make it simple and functional. Highly recommended is WordPress and all you have to do is find a company that supports WordPress. WordPress is favorable because it is free to download, installation is easy, it is fast and reliable, as well as allows for ease if you will need any help online. Select a Domain Name Choosing the right domain name is important, as it will help your target market identify you as well as what your blog is about. This is dependent on what your content is all about. In an effort to help you settle for the right domain name, the following tips will guide you. l Make it memorable l Simple and easy [...]

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5 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has become crucial for every brand in order to achieve business-oriented goals and better marketing communication. Almost 90% of marketers say that it has benefitted their company with a huge amount of exposure. But, entering this market without prior knowledge and experience can be time-consuming and can also result into a complete failure. In this article, we will present you with five tips that will help you boost your social media marketing strategy, improve your profile and make the most out of it. Plan your goals: Before starting to promote or make campaigns in social media, it is important for any business to understand what goals they want to achieve and who are their target audience. Doing market-specific research and knowing your target audience can make or break the game. This will help you make and implement an effective marketing strategy, and generate new ideas to interest your target audience. This is the first step towards effective social media marketing, which eventually, will help you understand your business goals precisely.   Focus on quality content: Content is crucial when it comes to social media marketing. Marketing isn’t just about promotion. It is about how effectively you attract [...]

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Top 5 things you should know before you start you blog

Blogging is an art! Art requires one to be creative and ready to tackle any issue from any angle in a manner that will bring out the true meaning of the intended purpose. In the recent years, blogging has picked up the steam and can be categorized as one of the most successful phenomenon in the writing sector. Moreover, it is one of the best internet marketing tools that is available in the 21st century. Therefore, to kick start your blogging journey you have to know the top 5 things you should have a grip on before you start your blog. They are the following; What is a blog? A blog is the short form for “Web log”. This is an online, systematic collection of personal thoughts and links. It is very simple to make and it can be used from any location as long as there is internet connection. They are among the best communication tools that have picked up in this age. The art of blogging has quickly evolved from being a medium publishing personal diaries to one of the most respected form of communication as well as marketing. Who is Blogging? Online journals have been around for [...]

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A decade ago Blogging was one of the best careers to pursue. Internet was growing at the fastest rate, any blogger who is regular at updating the blog with useful information was making a lot of Absence Revenue. But today the Internet is highly saturated.There are thousands of blogs under every niche flooded with a lot of information. In this article, we will give you the top 10 tips to improve your Blogging. 1.Keep your foundations strong A unique design with clean code, spam protection, social media sharing options subscription forms comment section a contact from, and a privacy policy is the fundamental things for any blog all of this stuff will represent you as a professional blogger, well you can get all of these things in Wordpress by using various plugins 2.Write beneficial and unique content There is an oldest saying on the Web. If you want your Blog to perform well, Always Write a lot of helpful and unique information which will add value to the time and productivity to the life of your Visitors. Always keep your blog posts lengthy up to 1000 to 2000 words this will give a lot of information to your readers and [...]

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Do I Need SSL On My Blog

As of September 2014, NetCraft confirmed that the Internet has reached a historical milestone. The Internet has finally surpassed 1 billion websites. Although there had been fluctuations in the amount, March 2016 indicated a rise back to the 1 billion markfor the Internet. With the rapid increase in the number of websites, the issue of online security also continues to become a growing concern. Research shows that 11% of people who are consistently online have had their personal information compromised. Introducing SSL SSL is short for secure sockets layer. It functions as a digital certificate which authenticates the identity of the website and encrypts sensitive information. The use of SSL changes the normal link for your blog from http:// to https://. SSL is often used for websites that collect personal information such as login details or credit card information. Paypal, Twitter and Facebook all use SSL to encrypt information. With all this talk about how SSL can benefit large Internet corporations, how can the use of SSL benefit your blog? The following are reasons why your blog needs to consider having SSL. Do I Need SSL On My Blog? SSL helps encrypt sensitive information Once you have set [...]

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